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Today’s advances in technology are truly amazing. Technology is hailed as a cornerstone to create a sustainable world. Microsized labs will revolutionize healthcare. Computers are on the brink of surpassing the computing power of the human brain. And highly interconnected sensors promise smart intuitive applications that will benefit all.

But how to see the wood from the trees? What will be successful and what not, five or even ten years from now? How will technology evolve, and how fast? And who can help you implement your technology roadmaps?

ITF – the Imec Technology Forum – was set up in answer to questions such as these.

At ITF, we gather some of the world’s greatest minds in technology: business leaders, technology gurus, futurists, and industry experts. They will give you early insights in the market trends, evolution, and breakthroughs in nanotechnology.

Together, they cover a wide range of domains: advanced chip scaling, smart imaging, sensor and communication systems, the IoT, supercomputing, sustainable energy and battery technology, and the fast growing nanotech domain: healthcare.

At ITF, you’ll look into the future. And you’ll get the unique opportunity to network with peers and experts. People who may help you find answers, build applications, and be successful in tomorrow’s world of technology.

The Imec Technology Forum is brought to you by imec, the world’s premier R&D center for nanoelectronics with over 2,300 top scientists and engineers and a partner network including the world’s leading companies in ICT, communication and health care. ITF conferences are organized throughout the world, with the flagship conference taking place in May in Brussels (Belgium).

These are the ITF2016 editions:

  • ITF2016 Korea, January 26, COEX Intercontinental Seoul – Seoul, Korea
  • ITF2016 Israel, March 1, Ritz Carlton  – Herzliya, Israel
  • ITF2016 Brussels, May 24-25, SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre  – Brussels, Belgium
  • ITF2016 USA, July 11, San Francisco Marriott Marquis – San Francisco, CA, USA
  • ITF2016 Healthcare, October 4, Johns Hopkins Hospital – Baltimore, USA
  • ITF2016 Japan, November 7, the New Otani Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

Sponsoring ITF will make your company stand out as a leading player in the semiconductor industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in people’s minds. Interested? Check out the sponsor document here. And send an email to: Annouck.Vanrompay@imec.be

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